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A Guide To Buying A Live Lobster

Seafood is known for the health benefits it has. For example; lobsters are rich in fatty acids as well as selenium. When you eat lobsters you reduce the chances of anemia, thyroid disease, and depression. Besides, they are good source of protein and complement other dishes such as rice, lettuce, and soups. You can use fresh lobsters to bring joy to your family without a lot of effort and expenses.

Lobsters can be prepared in a number of ways such as boiling, broiled, steaming and baking. For people who love soups, they can add lobster meat to make it tasty. Lobster have a fantastic taste regardless of how you cook them. When you want to choose a live lobster, there some things that you need to consider.

Your choice of lobster can be a white, blue, green female, or male. Gender, age, color and quality of shell are the primary factors to look for when choosing a live lobster. Most people prefer the female lobster since they have a better tail than the male specimen. The second benefit of selecting a female lobster is that it have unfertilized eggs that are delicious. Althought the female specimen in the best, most people cannot differentiate the male and female specimen.

You need to choose soft shell quality since they are easy to cut than the hard shells. To avoid breaking the shell while shipping them, most people choose the hard shell quality. Since the younger lobsters are soft; they are more appetizing than the old lobsters. The cost of lobsters varies depending on the season. During winter the price tends to be higher than in other seasons.

You need to find out if the company you buy from offer free shipping services or they charge for shipping. It is essential that you first visit several websites and compare the different costs of buying live lobsters. Live lobsters are categorized under perishable goods and must handle them with care. It is crucial that you learn the return policy of every company so that you can know what can happen in case the lobster arrive dead. Choose an online company that has quality customer services.

The best source of buying live lobsters is online. The best company should offer different types of lobsters from different parts of the world such as Alaska, Caribbean, Australia, Florida, and Maine. Buying live lobsters online have a lot of advantages. The first benefit is that you can master different cooking methods online. Some companies will send you additional items like cooking manuals, bibs, napkins, and claw crackers. Buying the live lobsters online is a quick and easy method.

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